Partner with Tapestry

Tapestry would not exist without it’s faithful partners from individuals and churches across the country. We would love for you and / or you church to consider a partnership with Tapestry Church so that we might see the Gospel saturate the city of Atlanta. 


  • Resource Partner: Assist in the mission of Tapestry by providing resources for Tapestry Mission Projects. This often is associated with our Homeless Ministry activities (Warm Weather Kits, Cold Weather Kits, Food Kits, Shower Kits, etc) but it isn’t necessarily limited to these types of things. It could also be related to items such as School Supplies, or other needs that we may find out about in our neighborhoods. The Resource Partner is a huge help to us, and can be an easy way to get a wide variety of groups inside of the church involved in mission activities by bringing these items to the church.
  • Financial Partner: Financial partnerships are incredibly important to us at Tapestry because they allow us to continue to afford to live and do ministry in the city. 
  • Prayer Partner: Prayer partners are honestly the most important partnership that we have because we recognize this is a spiritual battle and it must be fought with spiritual forces. We have experienced an incredible amount of spiritual warfare since moving to the city so it’s crucial to have people praying for Tapestry and our families.
  • People Partner: This partnership is one where the church will send people on a mission trip to the city to plug in to the work Tapestry is doing. The can range from a one day trip to a week-long trip and the ages involved can be equally varied. 
  • Most of our partners would not find themselves in just one type of partnership, but they will engage in a partnership with Tapestry in multiple different areas. (We’d actually love for people to be engaged in all avenues of partnership with Tapestry!)